Zoomer Interactive Pets (Zoomer Zuppies, Dino, Dog & More!)

Zoomer Interactive Pets (Zoomer Zuppies, Dino, Dog & More!)

It is just great to see technology leap forth like a raging bull. It has seeped in our lives.

It has ushered in our day to day activities. No one is spared.

Little toys and playthings are ending up with immaculate detailing and are having huge technological makeovers.

Toys that come to life and are interactive for kids are the new fad today. Zoomer brings to you fantastic pets that are downright adorable. It is a top brand that makes high quality toys that are safe to play with, brilliantly interactive and endearingly cute.

Befriend these pets and you wouldn’t have a jaded day ever!

Zoomer Interactive Pets: Your Kids Truest Friends, Guaranteed


There is mad love hidden for dinosaurs in some kids. Some are scared but they like the idea of having one around as a pet. For some, it is a perfect way to get rid of fear. Get your kids one today and they will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Dino Indominus Rex

Kids have a knack for the deadly. If your kid loves monsters, we have selected a relentless little robot for you. Straight from the Jurassic World, comes the most terrifying dinosaur which will revolutionize the way your child plays. It comes with advanced IR nose sensors that will detect hand gestures. It incorporates True Balance Technology to patrol and scavenge just like a real one. It comes with a remote control that will let you program and record combo moves too.



Chomp away with this lovable plastic pet that just loves to have a bite. There are multiple interactive games that can be played with this little mischievous Rex. It has a bone accessory that it can’t simply part with. Throw him the bone and he will gnaw at it like a dog. Beware it growls (and farts too).

Spin Master

This one is an enchanter with his acts. You pull his tail and he roars at you. Give him his exclusive snack and he will devour it. You can train him to dance and roar, and teach him to chase and chomp and he will follow you around. His eyes change colors that depict his mood swings.

zooomer-puppiesZoomer Puppy

An electronic dog is a perfect plaything to have. Zoomer ensures you get the best.

Custom prepared to fathom three languages namely English, Spanish and French, this intelligent puppy can sit, bark, lay down, sit, roll-over and shake its paw for you.

Scratch its belly and watch it go in a rapture mode. This product is brilliant for training kids who want a real dog in their lives real bad.


Zoomer Kitty

A Purr-fect toy for your kids! This little kitty has a gamut of modes to play with. With modes like Cuddle Mode, Pounce Mode, etc. watch it perform different cute little acts.

This feline electronic pet not only does the rudimentary akin a real cat, but it also purrs when you pet it. Watch her pounce, dance, sing and perform new tricks.

A fully charged kitty will last for 30 minutes non-stop fun.

Zoomer Zuppies

Behold! The stylish and trendy Zuppies are now here. Different categories of contemporary zuppies are available to choose from. Pick whatever suits your kid the best. Pet a puppy and just wait to see how much love you get showered upon and they can also guard stuff for you.

Check her happiness level with the aid of a back button. There are combos of buttons that will unleash secret tricks. Get all of them and have a big zuppie bash!


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