Top Selling Bounce Houses & Jumping Castles for Kids

Top Selling Bounce Houses & Jumping Castles for Kids

Walking past the mall, Jacob would always ask me to take him to the bounce houses that playfully stood near its entrance. Sometimes I would be low on money but she wouldn’t care. Why would she? She is a kid after all! She would be so persistent that it would become hard for me to explain the situation to him. I had to inadvertently turn him down on numerous occasions. Seeing him enter that dreaded hateful zone would tear me apart. Then one day I said, “Enough!” and decided to bring an end to it through a proper solution. That’s when I found out that we could buy those things online. Meaning fun galore for my little kid!

After a thorough research I found just the perfect one for my kid to play with him friends. Will let you in on a secret – Even I sometimes go and have fun with my baby bobbing in the internal den. LOL! It is so refreshing.

If you too want to get in on the bandwagon of fun and let your child bask in the glory of some bouncy leisure, I suggest you purchase a bounce house/jumping castle yourself and see how unmatched ecstasy fills up your home. I have come up with a list to help you out with your selections. Get the one that clicks with you and your children.

Little Tikes

Nothing understands your kid better than Little Tikes. With so many successful toys and playthings under their belt, they are phenomenal producers of amusing stuff for kids!

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide (Best Seller)

Get ready to bring home hours of fun for your kids! This is an inflatable bouncer that will guarantee your children have the time of their lifetime. It comes with a slide to break the monotony of simply bobbing. It will let your kid enjoy both bouncing and sliding. It is a colossal product that is super safe too. With three mesh sides to ensure protection for your kid, you can watch all the action and stay close to the adorable laughter of your child. Stakes are super strong and they keep it in place. Whilst a heavy-duty blower keeps pumping in regular airflow. Put this in your backyard and steer all the kid-action away from the house’s fragility.

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide

Another enthralling variant by Little Tikes, this onne comes with a shade. It’s has an arched canopy that covers the top of it giving it full protection from scorching sunlight. Your kids are going to have a blast jumping and bouncing in this extraordinary Little Tikes inflatable wonder and will stay safe too. It is made up of puncture-resistant material which means non-stop fun.

Blast Zone

Another great company that know your kid’s fun-side better than you do, Blast Zone ensures with their gorgeous range of products that your kids have a blast!

Blast Zone Magic Castle: With a perfect resemblance to a cute mini-castle, this is an instant attraction. Perfectly manufactured with high quality material that inflates in less than 2 minutes, this is a brilliant product. It also has a small slide in the front which serves as both entry and exit. Your kids are going to simply love jumping on this. It is easy to carry around too since when deflated it becomes akin to a rolled sleeping bag.

Blast Zone Little Bopper: If you have two kids at home, this is the bounce house to go for. It is a small variant that speaks only of quality. Will let your kids bounce safely under your caring vigilance. The material entailed in the making of it is very durable. Blast Zone will literally see your kids grow. Comes with a blower that keeps throwing in constant air to make the setup well inflated. Bring home the adventure!

Fun fact: You can fill it up with balls and lo! This is another game for your kids to have fun with. A ball pit which they will swim like Uncle Scrooge! It can fit in both small areas and large alike, and it is so easy to set up that anyone can do it. Bring home the adventure!


Intex doesn’t compromise on quality. Their products are good on your budget and are simply superb.

Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene (Super Cheap!): If you want one that doesn’t go heavy on your pockets, this Jump O Lene is the perfect way to great your kids bouncing in no time. This has a crawl-thru door that will let your child get in and out without much hassle. Well protected from all sides with inflatable walls your children’s safety is guaranteed. A great safe product and reinforced net sidewalls reassure amusement with safety.

Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle: If you want to go for a lot of eye-candy, the Jump-O-Lene castle is the way to go. Easy on your purse this inflatable wonder is a flawless aesthetic deal to go for. With the right blend of yellow, blue and red it is a vibrant and vivid kids bouncy castle that will let them experience their fairy tales whilst they hop carefree. Walls are high that drives home the safety quotient. Four turrets on all corners silently ensure your child’s imagination to move forward.


Bounceland Castle W/hoop: You can’t resist looking at the endearing cuteness of this castle. Comes straight from a fairy tale, a jumping castle to adorn your backyard. It has a basketball hoop inside too that will let your kids have another game to play for a change. A big slide in the front embellishes the playful quotient and takes it up another notch. A strong UL blower powers it incessantly to keep the dices rolling. Heavy duty materials with double and quadruple stitches ensure that you get one of the strongest and safest jumping castles for your children.

MoonWalk Big Ol: If your kids can’t live without their friends, this is one to go for as it has a slide. With ample space that covers up a lot of kids, this is a colossal bouncer that can be put in your backyard. It can easily withhold weight up to 600 lbs. without any problem. A design that has meshes around on all four walls it ensures that your kid doesn’t get hurt whilst playing. It will be a big ‘Ol one that your kid is going to make memories with.

Transparent Ring

Intex Jump-O-Lene: Beating all products to pulp is a unique ring design that Intex has come up with. It is transparent that lets parents to keep a watchful eye on the kids whilst they bob and hop with elation. There are twelve colorful balls too that have been placed aptly at the top ring to keep kids interested. What is great is that you can easily wash it too with soapy water and take it to your traveling sojourns.

Princess Style

Blast Zone Princess Dreamland: An exact replica of a fairy tale castle for your little princess. It is a place she wouldn’t want to come out from. With gorgeous turrets that hoist flags and a dainty little slider to keep him interested, this is a great princess castle custom designed for girls. It’s very safe as it is surrounded by mesh walls that come with hook and loop fasteners that quickly let your little one to get started with him hopping acts.

With Water

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