Top 10 Outdoor Toys & Games for Kids

Top 10 Outdoor Toys & Games for Kids

Kids today are surrounded by the inadvertent intrusion of technology. You are rendered helpless when you cannot really share what you had experienced as a kid. But it is crucial to inculcate in them the benefits of playing outside under the aegis of fresh air. It is important for you as a parent to tell them why outdoor leisure is top-notch and better than that stupid screen at home. Why and how it will help them connect with the world, aid them to socialize with other kids, find the best in the natural world and have a blast as well. You just can’t beat playing outdoors with nature.

Children are like blank slates. You must feed them the right words upfront and encourage outdoor leisure. Well, you might argue there aren’t many things out there to keep them entertained for long periods of time.

Don’t worry, that department, I will handle.

There are toys galore meant for outside play that will ensure your child stays away from the jaws of boredom or being constricted to the four walls of your home. So many enthralling outdoor toys to keep them interested. Wish to find out about them? Read on.

I have pigeonholed all the cool ideas that you could bank on in the below mentioned categories. There are tons of options that will ensure your child’s euphoric laughter stays intact in the open air of our beautiful nature surroundings.

Best outdoor toys for kids: Overall development of your child in nature’s womb

  1. Transport Play

Little Tikes Cozy Truck: Ever since I have got one of these, I always find my baby in the driver’s seat. A truck that is as adorable as my kid! I am so glad that I bought this. Its small cutesy tires complement my driver! It is very realistic in its looks and has a tailgate that goes down to load other kid playthings. I often find him rushing towards the backyard with his toys in a hurry. He imitates his father when it comes to filling it up with gas. It inches towards realism further as it lets you remove its floor piece, so that your kid doesn’t have to push it on his own. I often take him for a ride with a mere push and he makes all those engine revving noises and punches the horn button whenever someone comes in front. Talk about learning the basics of driving eh!

The pink/girly version is super cute and available here

Or if you want the standard traditional design – go for this one which has been around since the beginning of times (30 years!) with new models of course :)

Little Tikes Cozy Pumper: To help your kid walk hand in hand with actuality comes this adorable little pumper that smiles at you as you take it out for your kid’s timeout. There is a hose that will help your chap pretend fuel up after a daunting drive around session. I have bought this as well to complement the above gear. We place at one end of the backyard, where he goes imitating his father swiping a fake credit card in its slot to pay for his fuel. There are three buttons on its front façade that go “Beepbop” with different fun sounds. It gives him the feel that the stuff is actually working and he is doing something useful in this world – filling up his car.

To bring your child’s transportation inspiration alive, add on things like the following products too!

Talking Traffic Light

2. Swings for Outdoor Playgrounds

Little Tikes First Slide – Best Seller: Slides are kid’s favorite outdoor pastime. I know because as a kid I would be all over it. So madly in love with it. And now, I can see the same fire in my children’s eyes. After making regular tiring sessions to the park, which seemed a tad too much at times when I would be busy, I decided to go bring the park home. Yes I bought an even more endearing version of the kid’s slide. My kids and their friends were freaking out watching the park go live in my backyard. It is a perfectly safe version unlike the rusty unsafe kind you find at public parks. So, me watching over them whilst that play has come to a full stop. I hear them go “Wheeeeeee” as they slide down all the time now. So cheap, why not opt for such a cool experience in your backyard.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug n’ Secure Swing: Swings serve as extraordinary outdoor playsets for kids to play with outside. I can vouch for it coz even today if I see one, there is a part in me that wants to go wild. So, I can relate to my kids when they want to ride on one. Keeping their flicker alive I decided to invest in this beautiful toy version of the original that is perfect for your baby, toddler and small child. I consider it really safe since it comes with a removable T-bar that allows your kids to hold onto it whilst they have a time of their life. You can, of course, remove it if your child grows and no longer needs it. Also, its shoulder straps ensure your kid doesn’t fall off as he/she swings on it.

Step2 All-Star Sports Climber: Climbers used to be my favorite as a kid. So many memories attached to it that it hurls me back in time. You can tell by that how much it means to a kid at such a young age. Hands down, you want it for your champ if you want him to excel in sports. Make an athlete out of him/her at a young age with this vibrant climber that has pieces of every sports ingredient in it. A basketball hoop, climbing ladder, football toss, soccer and score keeper to name a few. Moreover you also get a football, soccer ball and a basketball to get your kid fired up instantly.

Little Tikes Trampoline: A trampoline is all your kid needs to have hours of incessant fun. Ensure your kid stays in that fits of amusement you wish to see him/her in with this secure and playful trampoline by Little Tikes. It comes with a handle bar to give your kids stability as they go “Boing!” on it. Invest in it and it will beam your child up in a jiffy.

3. Garden Play

Little Tikes Gas n’ Go Mower: There is a certain discipline that gawks at you whilst someone is lawn mowing. It is such an interesting task that sometimes you feel a sudden urge to take the reins over in your hand, and do it yourself. For children, multiply that feeling with 10! Well, you can’t really let them near a real Lawn Mower, can you? It is dangerous and you don’t want them getting hurt. Fitting the title just right, this Gas n’ Go Mower is a perfect option for your kid’s garden games. It will let them get on the bandwagon of having fun outdoors ASAP and fulfil their desire to lay their hands on a lawn mower that looks and sounds just the same. Yes, with popping beads noise, engine noise in the backdrop, a realistic pull cord and a throttle to get the thing going, the resemblance is simply hard to ignore.

Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow: Wheelbarrow is a child’s pleasant company as they jog down your garden with a fantastical imagination. It stands among brilliant things to play in the backyard to keep your dreamer interested and focused to understand the basics of gardening. Help them out with stuff to carry and see them on a roll. Its beautiful harmless design ensures that your child doesn’t get hurt in the process of playing. A perfect way to spend an evening watching your baby play engrossed in it.

Add some additional kids toy garden tool sets and your child is ready to begin making and cleaning their garden mess:

4. Playhouses

Little Tikes: There is nothing better than a real life imitation playhouse to keep your children engulfed outdoors. Your garden will enliven up with the grandeur that this beautiful product provides at the same time making sure your kids have a great time. It is easy to assemble that can be setup by them without your help. It comes with a fence too that provides the garden house a complete makeover. You can ask your child to grow real flowers in its flower box. Pretend play will seem to connect them even more as it packs in a stove with knobs and faucet to make things less virtual.

Little Tikes Playset: A hands down victor when it comes to giving your child a playful environment outdoors. It packs in an enclosed surrounding that will make your child feel at home. With dozens of playing options in its baggage, your child’s leisure time would definitely stay unparalleled. A bead tumbler, a spinner with mirror, a crawl-through archway, a working piano, spinning gears and huge buttons that play songs are just to name some of its endearing features. It walks among the best to keep your baby elated.

5. Tents and Tunnels and Teepees

Roadacc 3-in-1  If you place this in your backyard, it goes without saying, your child has already made new friends. This Roadacc wonder is one perfect outdoor idea for kids! With two tents, one triangular the other one square which can be used as individual units for fun galore, the playground also comes with a tunnel. Assemble them together and watch the children vroom past each other into these tents. Fill a tent with bouncing balls and they are not going to leave the tents ever.

For bouncing balls click here

Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle: If your child is a fan of Thomas & Friends, this would help him/her to make the most of the fandom. The tank train tunnel can be attached with other fort structures to create a mesmerizing output. It has a sunroof at the top to let the light in and keep the tunnel tent structure well ventilated. Get this and hear your kids go all day: “Choo! Choo! Here comes Thomas the train.”

Make him be the captain himself by completing the entire dress code –

Teepee Tents

5. The Sports Corner

VTech Smarts Shots Sports Center: Indulge into buying this 2 in 1 sports center for your kid to get on that athletic sojourn pretty young. Make sure they know the rudimentary early on and get the hang of the games quickly. It has got both basketball and the football games covered. With animated lights and uplifting sounds and phrases to give your toddler inspiration to keep playing – this is must-have.

Toysmith Pro-Ball Set: Instill in your child the basics of sports games like soccer, football and basketball. Let them understand “the what and the how” with this marvelous soft ball set. These are built for small hands and legs to enjoy their half-time (pastime) learning how to play right. Help them fathom what needs to be done, and educate them about the difference in each game. Hit them with your sports-aficionado upfront!

6. Sand Pits

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox: When it comes to finding things for your kids to play with outdoors, sandboxes can’t really be ignored. Sand is an instant kid attraction. That goes without saying. I can tell you that with experience. All those tranquil beach hours, and my children wouldn’t listen to me. To grab its shorter homely version, I would say you invest in this artful playful sandbox. It appears very realistic owing to its sandstone tinge. There is ample space to keep the sand in one place.

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox: Meeting the cuteness of your child is the face of this sandbox crab, that opens into a roomful of sand. You can put this in your backyard and it will beam up in the green of it. Let your kids play in the wonderful sand for hours. Cover the lid up and you have got yourself a delightful goofy-toy crabbie to keep your garden company.

Don’t forget there is no sand fun without some cool sand toys and accessories –

7. Kiddie Pools

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center: Kids just dig water parks. What if I told you, you could bring the fun of Water Park home? Yes, with this stunning water play center your kid can rejoice in the glory of a homely comely water park. Just put it in your backyard or garden and brim it up with water. It has a big wading pool meant for toddler swimming. It also walks in with a slide, a water sprayer and a ring toss game to keep things interesting!

Step2 Play and Shade Pool: Keeping in mind the fact that water splashing stands alone as kid’s favorite leisure activity, Step2 brings to you a great pool variant. It has been designed to hold an umbrella that comes along with it to protect your little one from the scorching sun whilst his/her water games go on. What slides in additional play activity is the fact that it comes with three funnel cups and water wheel for unrivaled infant-fun. It is safe for your babies as it provides traction to their little feet.

8. Other Leisure Games

Flybar Pogo Jumper: Jumping is a part of a kid’s daily routine. Make sure they do a little higher this time with the intelligent Flybar Pogo Jumper. Ensure your child meets fits of laughter as they go hopping towards your garden. A great way to make your kids healthy, active and happy!

Melissa & Doug Kid’s bowling set: Soft plastic cuddly bowling pieces that will help your child fathom what bowling is all about. It comes with an indented ball and six animal character pins that will help your child refine his skills early on.

I will urge you to dig right in if you wish to bring smiles to your kid’s faces ASAP!

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