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10 Robotic Toys Kids Want!
10 Robotic Toys Kids Want!

Technology is no sloth. It is galloping at an unmatched pace and is hard to keep up with. New things are being invented as we speak including the new age of robots for kids. Science is creating magical items that we had only once dreamt of as parents.

If you have a sneak peek in kid’s plaything department, you will be surprised to see a plethora of options adorning every kind of section including robots for kids. The other day I was in a toy store, I came out with my jaws wide open. Toys are no longer mere sitting ducks. They do stuff now, there is an endless selection of robotic toys and games available.

Our planet is gradually changing into a robo-globe and it has targeted the kid’s population first. Welcome to the new age tech world. Prepare to be bedazzled!

10 Robots For Kids: Your Kid’s Truest Friend Indeed


Wearing the most logical moniker, this humanoid comes alive with a remote control. It also retains a dongle with the shape of a robo-head that can be plugged in your iOS or Android. You can control it with the help of an app from your smart phone or tablet. It does all sorts of human stuff like walking, fighting, running, talking, picking things up, roaring, burping, whistling, giving a high five etc.

It also has various programming modes that can be used in order to ask it to perform a particular act. Program it to your preference and it will ensure you have a quality time. Bring home your new bestie!


Amongst this list, this robot shaped like a ball is the most distinguished one. The spherical beauty is an intelligent kid’s robot that has breathtaking features. It ill let you play and learn at the same time. It is also pet-proof and water-proof that will let you create obstacle courses with some easy programming.

You can go multiplayer with this too. Its unique SPRK program will ensure your kids learn creativity at a young age.

Along with having fun, they can become well versed in programming basics and apply math and science wherever needed whilst having a go at it.

sphero-bbSphero BB-8

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, then you are going to love this. The all new product is a plunge into the deep pits of awesome robotics.

Just like a holographic message of princess Leia, you can record your own holographic video message and play it. It listens to you and responds as well.

Also, with its autonomous adaptive technology, it captures your behavioral patterns and adjusts itself accordingly. May the robotic force be with you!

sphero-ollieSphero Ollie

Customization literally drives this one. With tons of tires and hubcaps to choose from, you will never get bored of it. It reaches unimaginable speed in no time.

It drifts whilst making turns and is exceptionally agile.

The tubular capsule like design lets it perform spinning and flipping tricks too.

You can program it and customize it for new tricks as well.



Ensure your child stays ahead of the learning curve with the all new Ozobot. Not only does it let you play, it lets you code, create creative games, inculcate STEM education and learn robotics on the go.

With the aid of this toy robot, your child will learn creative drawing and instill problem solving skills. It will let your child cash in on sequential programming. Also, it will make walking through computational basics a piece of cake.


The one ranks amongst the top 10 kids toys. It is a responsive toy robot that does not require batteries. You can charge it up with a USB cable.

It lights up, makes sounds, moves, dances, avoids obstacles and reacts to voices.

You get two Building Brick Connectors that will help you to play it with LEGO and LEGO Technic compatible bricks as well. You don’t need instructions to start playing with it. You get Wonder and Blockly apps that will serve as perfect tutors and will make you a master within no time.


Wheels of future! When you wish to have fun galore, this one paves the perfect way. There are different modes available here. The centre button on the robot is suggestive of the mode it is in.

You can also control it with an iPod, iPad or an iPhone. It can balance multiple objects at the same time in its hands whilst moving and dancing.


Create with Cubes of intelligence!

Cubelets come with brick adaptors that will let you connect with your favorite brick-based system.

This allows you to bring your favorite toys to motion. It can squawk, spin and drive.

You can create over 500 responsive robots.

Hexbug Nanohexbug

Indulge in awesome realistic bugs that will crawl and flip.

A perfect toy not only for your kid but also for your pets.

With 12 fixed angular legs it can propel forward and explore the unexplored.

The pack includes 5 bugs which includes one glows in the dark.