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Toddler Discipline Time: How to Train That Tiny Mind
Toddler Discipline Time: How to Train That Tiny Mind

So how many of you have experienced your one year old throwing things in the grocery store or crying his eyes out to get some expensive toy???

If not, then you belong to that rare species of parents whose kids are born disciplined, unfortunately the rest of us, we have the kids who will never leave a single chance to create a scene in public.

They will cry.

They will scream whenever and wherever they want.

To harness the tiny devil inside them, you need to be tactful and strategic.

Teaching discipline to a one year old baby is not a synonym of punishment. You simply cannot punish a one year old, they won’t understand it. You have to be clever to teach them whatever you want to teach them.  Here are some very simple rules that I use for my kids, hopefully they will help you too.

It’s OK To Be a Little Mean (after all you are the MOM)

There is no harm in being a little mean. You have the power to be mean because you are the Mom. When you say “No” Be consistent. Let them understand that a “no” will always mean a “no” and there is nothing they can do about it. Let them cry all they want, but do not change your “no” with a “yes” ever (I repeat “ever”). You will face a lot of ranting at first, but they will adjust to it soon. It will help you a lot afterwards. So be consistent in what you have said.

Ahhh!!! The Good Old Time Out (we have all been through this, it worked)

Never yell, if you feel like yelling, go sit down and calm yourself. Our parents used time out for us and it always worked (okay, not always, sometimes). Keep in mind that your one year old does not have any idea about time out, you have to make him understand. What I did was, I had a time out chair (so my baby would be in front of my eyes even if he is on time out). All you have to do is stop answering the baby for a while and show him that you are upset because of something he did.

Let Them Clean What They Did (with your help)

Involve them when you are cleaning their mess. Let them pick up their toys and put them back in the basket (I know it will take like, forever, but whatever). Even if you know that you would clean it quickly by yourself, do not do this. Keep them with you, it is the time to learn. If you show leniency today, you will regret it tomorrow. So, let them understand that cleaning the mess is not that easy. These little devils can think (trust me) they will be careful next time.

Sorry is Not just a Mere Word ( you should mean it too)

Teaching discipline to a one year old can be emotionally difficult. As no Mom wants to show anger (truly speaking, you can’t even get angry at them, but you can pretend). Teaching starts from an early age. If you let them escape even once, they would know, tricking you is easy. Teach them in a way they understand. Nothing is more precious for a toddler than his parents. If you are using the right method, they will listen to you, they will understand that what upsets you.

Be a Role Model

Last but not least, show them whatever you want them to do. Behave with people around you the way you want your baby to behave with you. Remember, the kids are silent observers. They will observe you and your personality will reflect on their behavior. “Actions are louder than words” is not just a mere proverb, it has proven its efficiency. If your kid yells, you need to stop, and check your behavior, do you yell at him when you are angry?? You need to show them how to be polite and gentle by showing all these qualities in your actions. Discipline yourself and the baby will be disciplined.

And at the end, a shout out to the new Moms, who are struggling to overcome the difficulties on the road to be a perfect Mom. Are there any other ways you use to discipline your baby??? If you have, do share it with me, after all a Mom always needs new tactics. See you.